Our Services

At ORSA we are organised into a number of specialist teams that are focused on providing tailored services based on clients’ and projects’ requirements. This approach allows us to call in high-level experts to deliver based on specific sector demands, needs and challenges.


Preparation of coordinated design risk management tracker
Design reviews
Review of access and maintenance and plant replacement strategies
Review of construction phase plans
Site inspections
Procurement advice and selection of contractors
Building safety bill gateways implementation

Fire engineering

EWS1 form and supporting report

Development of gateway one fire statement
Development and peer review of fire strategiesType 3 and 4 fire risk assessments and FRAA
Façade remediation project management
Fire remediation project management
Fire guardian role
Building safety bill accountable person
Building safety manager
Golden thread
Cavity barriers surveys
Fire doors surveys

Policy and procedures production and implementation
Corporate health check and reporting
Performance measuring
Auditing including systems audit
Development and implementation of monitoring systems
Provision of reg 7 competent person role

Independent consulting services 
Access equipment planning
Facade access and maintenance reports
Façade cleaning optimisation and cleaning time analysis
Glass replacement strategies

Construction phase safety planning
Accident investigation
Site audit and inspection
Accident and data trend analysis
Tool box talks and inductions
Specialist method statement and risk assessment
Construction logistics

Gap analysis of existing systems
Preparation of quality documents
Establishment of documentation and record-keeping systems
Guidance on all aspects of ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 implementation
Pre-assessment audit
Establishment of continuing improvement systems including internal audits

Event safety services
Fire risk management
Traffic management
Production health and safety adviser
Implementation of production health and safety arrangements
Script review and production of risk assessments
Location health and safety support
Health and safety training and induction

Access audits

Access audit consultancy

Access appraisals

Access statements

Development of gateway one fire statement
Development of construction management plan
Development of environmental management plan
Development of traffic management plan

Our Projects

ORSA can boast a variety of projects from landmark to small which are all equally important to us. Here is a showcase of some exciting schemes where we are proud to be/have been involved.