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Old War Office

Old War Office

Architect  EPR

Client       57 Whitehall S.a.r.l

Location    London

Redevelopment of 54,000 sq. m. building to adapt the Grade II* listed former government building, which has housed secretaries of state Lord Kitchener and Winston Churchill as well as TE Lawrence and John Profumo, to create a five-star 125-bedroom and suites luxury hotel and 85 private residences. 

Old War Office, Whitehall, which used to be a major MOD office. Over the years many notable names have been based there, including Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George, Lord Kitchener, and TE Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia. MOD staff moved out of the building and were mostly re-located across the road into Main Building, which is in effect the MOD’s Head Office. It is estimated that consolidating staff in one building will save at least £8 million per year in running costs.

The Grade 2* listed building is in a style known as ‘Edwardian baroque’. It was completed in 1906, has just over 54,000 square metres of accommodation spread over seven floors, 1100 rooms and more than two miles of corridors.